Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re-entry has been brutal!

I was planning to blog about our last day yesterday - but it didn't happen. I am hoping to later today.
We got home around mid-night on Sunday. We had a sitter here with the kids til we got home - so that we would be altogether in the morning. The boys came bounding in at 6:15 - with lots of hugs and snuggles. My seven year old told us that
"Grandparents are great, but nothing makes up for mom and dad"! Chris took Monday off - thankfully - I would not have made it! I felt really tired all day, but figured I was just recovering. Tuesday I felt a bit better in the morning, but still really tired and achy. The kids are all having a rough time. Becca has been whiny and clingy and I think she is getting her molars. The boys have been unable to get along for more than 2 minutes and just seem out-of-sorts. Yesterday I started feeling worse, my throat went from irritated to PAINFUL and around dinnertime I realized I had a fever. I am guessing I picked something up from the kids in the orphanage as a few of them were sick! I have gone to bed at 8:00 the last 2 nights!
I would not trade our trip for the world! But I am stuggling with how hard our being gone was on the kids! In my heart I know we were supposed to go, but it's hard to have it be like it has been this week! Just continuing to keep it real!

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David and Marianne said...

Thanks for sharing our excitment! I've heard some of the kids say they have the same cold symptoms!