Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I miss blogging!

I was really hoping my next post would be the second half of the Red Letters Book Review. The week before last the book was at hubby's office. This week is has been home, but I have literally not been able to find enough time when I am not in a vegetative state (after 8pm) to be able to write a coherent post.
I know only a few people even read this - but it's very theraputic for me and I love having a place to try to put words to what I am thinking and feeling (so many others do it so much more eloquently than I do!)
It's frankly been a really tough few weeks. My eldest son is REALLY ready to be back at school and he has required MUCH more of me than he usually does. We've had some good times together and some really good talks. We've also had some really ugly moments and I am finding that he is currently draining A LOT of my emotional and mental energy! MANY other people are dealing with MANY LARGER SCALE issues! What I am coping with PALES in comparison - like not really on the charts - to so much of the suffering in the world. And I am mostly able to keep this perspective. But sometimes I fall into that whole selfish pity party mode too!
I am really hoping that things will even out with him when he gets back to school. I am looking forward to having some quiet times in the afternoons with both boys at school and Becca napping (I am hoping she hangs on at least until Christmas).
I am in the middle of the Beth Moore Believing God study and it has been FANTASTIC! I am also reading Just Courage by Gary Haugen with the International Justice Mission. I will be starting BSF in a few weeks and studying the life of Moses. SO MUCH good stuff! So many thoughts and places that God is taking me that I haven't been able to process yet! Hopefully soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Food for thought and prayer

Here is a article that Steven Curtis Chapman wrote for CNN.

A post from Jason at the Abba Fund

And Shaun Grove's wrote this post that really challenged me!

Thanks to all 3 of them for lighting a fire under me!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Chapman Family

I've been pretty quiet lately. It's just been a blah couple of weeks. I am frankly just trying to keep my head above water to keep my 3 children from screaming at each other all day (keepin' it real again). So that has involved becoming an activities director and not much time to myself! Which is all part of the package!
Anyways...I did manage to steal some time this afternoon (i.e. - the boys were both in front of a screen and every toy that Becca owns is in pile in our living room) to watch the footage of the Chapman family on Larry King Live last night. They were discussing the accidental death of their 5-year old daughter - she was run over in their driveway by their teenage son. There story is amazing - their faith is REAL and inspiring!
I have the utmost respect for this family. I believe they are the "real deal". They have adopted 3 girls from China and are HUGE advocates for adoption. Probably every adoptive parent mentions how they were inspired by the Chapmans and we are among them. We went to a day-long marriage conference in Colombus in November of 2003. We had dinner with the Allen's the night before and wanted to talk to them about their adoption and let them know that we were considering adoption. The next day at the conference - Steven Curtis Chapman did a mini-concert. At that point they had adopted and I was completely unaware of it. He and MaryBeth spoke about adoption and my tears flowed. That weekend confirmed for Chris and I that we would adopt!
Here is the link to the first part of the interview last night and then you can navigate to the other parts!