Friday, June 13, 2008

Following or waiting?

I am so eager to follow God's footsteps - but He hasn't yet told me where I am going.
It's been a fairly "blah" couple of weeks. As it happens - I was SO excited after returning from the Orphan Summit. I was ready to take on the world - now I feel like I am back in the dealing with the "everydayness" of life.
I still struggle to find the balance of it all. Is God going to send me out with a mission for Him when I still struggle at home with selfishness, when I don't prioritize my husband, when I lose my patience with my children? I only have to look at the disciples to know the answer to that question. God using me isn't dependent on me getting my act together - but it is still something I struggle with.
Lord, help me be faithful with the mission at hand - in my home - and help me to know where you are leading.

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Angel said...

LOVED what my pastor said- We can't DO better in our lives. We are NOT capable of that. We can only surrender more fully to God and watch Him change us.

That has helped me so much. I am saying a prayer for you. It's hard to learn to live in two worlds... this life of comfort and leisure and busyness and the world that you know is out there and presses on your heart so heavily.

:0) Angel