Thursday, June 5, 2008

Real Hope for Haiti

I don't even remember how it all happened. Those of you in "blogland" know what I mean. You start on one blog that links you to another and to another and then you say - I found this great blog, but you're not really sure exactly how you got there!
Sometime last fall, I bumped into a blog by the Livesays - they are ministering in Haiti and I was immediately hooked by their "realness". I was also instantly drawn to Haiti and it's people. From the Livesay's blog I was linked to Licia and Lori's blogs. The work that they are doing for the people of Haiti is amazing. There have been so many times that their blogs have made me cry. Sometimes the tears are for the people they help and sometimes the tears are for my own heart that would have rather not known or seen the suffering of the world and for the apathy that still can plague me.
More recently I stumbled across the blogs of Aaron and Jamie Ivey - they have been to the Rescue Center and are in the process of adopting two children that live there. They started a grassroots blogging campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Rescue Center! Chris and I were excited to be able to become involved with this ministry.
So much of my heart is in Guatemala, but a piece of it now also resides in Haiti, and I hope someday I will be able to see these ministries in person.
For more info on the Real Hope for Haiti Campaign - please visit here.


Aaron Ivey said...

hey laura - thanks so much for linking to my blog and reading! really appreciate it.

Brandi said...

Hi, I found you through RLC! I love reading all those blogs too! Now, we just need to get them to join RLC!

Can't wait to read more of your story,


Lauren said...

Great post, Laura. Those are some amazing blogs. It's good to know how to specifically pray for Haiti.